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Everything was pretty quiet at the moment. You were just hanging out with some friends over at Gilbert and Ludwig's place. Gilbert and Alfred were currently playing video games together, Ludwig was upstairs (probably studying), and you were sitting on the sofa chatting with Antonio. There were more people hanging out, but they were either outside or in some other room where you couldn't see them.
Much time passed and it eventually became time to leave. The house slowly emptied out and soon it was just you, Gilbert and a couple others still packing up. You sat on the floor to put on your shoes when you were joined by Gilbert.
"So, _____?" he started, getting your attention, "You enjoy yourself tonight?"
You gave a small smile, "Yeah I did. Thanks for inviting me over."
"Ja, it was no problem. You wanna hang out again some other time?" He offered.
You thought about it. Next week were your final exams so you would be busy studying, and then after that you would be going home to visit your family for he holidays.
"I would, but with exams coming up I'm going to be pretty busy studying," you told him honestly.
Gilbert's head lowered a bit, "That's alright. Maybe some other time?"
You nodded as you finished tying your last shoelace.
"Well, I'll see you around, Gilbert," you said.
You started to stand up when you suddenly felt arms wrap around your waist from behind and bring you back down to the floor. There was no need to look, you knew it was Gilbert holding you.
"Gilbert would you please let go of me? I have to go."
He didn't respond.
Still no response. You were about to turn around and look at him when his arms started to bring you closer to him. Really close. Panic coursed through your veins. You began screaming for him to let go. You had no idea why he was doing this and you were frightened.
"Gilbert let go! Someone please help!" You screamed out.
It was only a second later two figures ran to you and managed to separate you from Gilbert. One of them started to walk you towards the door, while the other one hung back a moment to slug Gilbert in the face. As you reached the door the second figure had joined you and opened it for you and the first figure to walk outside.
"It's alright, ______. I've got you now," whispered the first figure.
You recognized his voice as Arthur. Why was he at Gilbert's? You figured it didn't matter now. The second figure joined your other side and helped support you as well. You glanced up and noticed Antonio on your left mumbling to himself about how he was going to 'deal with Gilbert later'. Only a few seconds passed before your whole vision went black and you lost consciousness.

When you woke up you recognized your surrounding to be your bedroom. Everything was still kinda fuzzy in your head. Glancing at your clock it read in bright red numbers 10:00. Running a hand through your (h/l)(h/c) hair, a loud sigh escaped your lips.
"It was a dream," you spoke softly.
Well, it was sort of a dream. You did hang out at Gilbert's last night, but nothing ever happened between you two. When you went back to your dorm room you stayed up until at least three in the morning. Therefore the dream you had couldn't have really happened.
Your phone went of suddenly playing (favorite song). You picked it up reading a text you had just received from none other than Arthur.
'Gilbert just visited me. He wanted to tell me, you guessed it, what you told him last night.'
You sighed loudly. Last night you had told Gilbert some things that you hoped would hint that you weren't romantically into him. But he just never seemed to get it, so you were trying hard to not seem interested in him.
You texted him back, 'I'd rather not talk about Gilbert. I had a nightmare about him last night.'
Almost immediately after you sent that text, you got one back from Arthur.
'What happened? Are you alright?'
Practically holding back tears from the memory, you sent another text back, 'I'm fine. Honestly just a little shaken.'
The text messages continued.
'You don't have to tell me exactly what happened. But I'm here if you want to talk to someone.'
'Thanks. I might come over later if I still feel this way.'
Setting your phone down, you stood and came to the decision a hot shower would help you feel better.
Standing under the hot water certainly did feel really good. But the images of Gilbert holding you, and the feel of his arms were still there. Still fresh in your mind. As you stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around your wet body, tears began forming in your eyes.
'That's it. I have to tell Arthur,' you decided, wiping away your tears.
Dressing in something comfortable, you left your room and walked down the hall where Arthur was staying. You knocked hesitantly on his door and waited for him to answer. When he opened the door he could tell from the look on your face you were very upset.
"Hey, what's wrong? Come on in and tell me."
Arthur stepped to the side to allow you room to enter. You sat at the table in the middle of the room and rested your head in your arms on the table. Arthur sat right next to you.
"Do you want to talk about it?" he asked.
You sat quietly, judging your ability to speak. Every time you came close to saying it, your throat would close up and nothing would happen.
"You don't have to tell me about it if you don't want to."
You shook your head implying you did want to tell him. It was just taking a while to actually say it.
"I-I just..," you started.
Without warning, tears began to slowly flow down your cheeks.
"I don't want to see Gilbert ever again," you sobbed.
Placing your hands over your face you continued to cry.
"Luv, I'm so sorry. It's alright now," he said standing up.
He walked over to you, holding his arms out. You stayed in your seat but gratefully accepted his hug, as you wrapped your arms around him, clinging and crying against him. Arthur felt so warm, you never wanted to let go. When he finally did let go he gave a gentle look, understanding that you felt so overwhelmed right now.
"Why don't I get you something to drink?"
You nodded and tried to wipe away more tears.
"I should be thanking you," you said to the best of your ability.
"Why is that?" he asked.
You gave him a smile, "You were the one who took me away from Gilbert."
He smiled back as he gave you (favorite drink), "I will always help you if need me."
The rest of the day continued like this as you two chatted away the hours, eventually forgetting the awful dream and focusing more on each other.
Based on a true story.
sorta...since I don't have a boyfriend. I just went to my friends place to talk.

Gilbert has taken an interest in you for over the past couple weeks, and it's been heavily on your mind ever since you found out. One night, you tell him to the best of your ability you aren't interested in him romantically, soon followed by a very shocking dream.

England (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You belong to yourself. Unless you wanna belong to Arthur? Your choice.
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KenkoSpellCaster Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wierd... this is just like what happened to me, I guy friend of mine was way to clingy for my comfort and after that I had a nightmare that he raped me.. After that my "Bodyguard" friends were on defense mode. ..... WEIRD!!! :iconamericawhatyousayplz:
RekkaMaiden Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Yeah, this is pretty much what happened to me. One of my guy friends started taking an interest in me and it was starting to weird me out. The dream I described in here is the exact dream I had and afterwards I had to go to my friends to tell them about it. They've been pretty "protective" of me ever since.
KenkoSpellCaster Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconarmstrongtighthugplz: I thought i was the only one with this!
menoux Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
This is a great story!:D
I found a few typos, if you want me to point them out.
RekkaMaiden Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I guess that depends on what kind of typos you're talking about. I know I'm not perfect when it comes to writing, but I also don't like when people blatantly point out when something is wrong.
menoux Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
No prob.
Just a few misspellings and grammar errors, nothing too major. And join the club, I try my best to write out my stories, but some things end up looking wrong. I hate taking criticsm because it feels like I'm being bossed around, but I know I have to take it since it'll be important for me in the future.XD
Silvia-x-Gaara Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012
so you wrote a story about this. Wow. Just wow. Again though, man that was a scary dream >< I really hope you're feeling better though.
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