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Arthur Kirkland.


You and Arthur had been good friends ever since the two of you met as kids, but you had always liked him a bit more than that. Even back then he always acted like a proper gentleman. Although his best moments were whenever he showed his tsundere personality. You thought that Arthur would make for the best company right now, so you pressed the CALL button and held your cell to your ear. The phone rang a couple times before you heard the receiver pick up.
"You've reached Arthur Kirkland, who is this?"
"Hi Arthur, it's me, ______," you spoke.
"Oh, _____. Um, yes, hello. How can I help you?" Arthur stumbled over his words.
You smiled hearing his voice. Not only did you think it addicting, but his accent could make you melt sometimes.
"Well you see, if you're not busy right now, I was wondering if you wanted to come over to visit for a bi-*coughcough*."
"Uh, hey…are you alright?" you heard Arthur ask.
"Umm…not really. I'm actually sitting here sick, and both my parents are out on vacation for the weekend. So that's why I was calling, cause it's boring here alone."
"You mean you want me to come over right now?" he questioned.
"Yeah, is that alright?"
You were hoping that you weren't suddenly bothering him. After all, Arthur had always been rather busy in his life. The pause that followed made you believe that he was about to reject you.
"Well…I suppose I could stop by for a little bit," he suddenly said in a hushed tone.
"Really? Oh thank you Arthur!" you replied excitedly.
"H-Hey, let's get one thing straight! I'm not doing this for you! It's just because I am a gentleman, and it's against my morals to leave a young woman by herself!"
"Yeah sure. Whatever you say, Arthur. See you in a bit?"
"Y-yeah. I'll see you in a bit."
Then Arthur hung up. You smiled to yourself, holding your cell close to your chest. Feeling rather happy, you carefully went to the kitchen to put on some tea for when Arthur arrived.
A few minutes passed when you decided the tea was finished. Turning off the stove top you gave a quick sniff of the tea. It was a little strong for your taste, but you knew Arthur liked it this way so you would have to bear with it. You walked over to the cupboard where you kept the cups, when you started to feel really hot. Small sweat beads trickled down your forehead and you shed your blanket to try and cool down a little. It didn't help and soon your face was met by the hard kitchen floor just as you faintly heard a door open somewhere.


There was pain in the back of your head. Your whole body felt like it was on fire. Something was wrong but you were too exhausted to open your eyes and see for yourself. Ever so lightly you could feel something cool pressed against your forehead, as well as the slight touch of someone's hand stroking your (h/c) hair back.
"It's going to be okay, luv. I'm not going to let this get worse," you heard a muffled voice say.
Whoever it was sounded awfully familiar to you, but your head was so clouded right now nothing made any sense right now. You tried with as much strength as you could to try to open your eyes. At first everything was dark and blurry. You looked around to try and make out some of your surroundings. Things cleared up a bit as when you saw someone leaning over you with shaggy blonde hair and emerald green eyes.
"A-Arth…," you tried to say.
"Shh, shh. It's okay, ______," you heard him say.
Arthur gently dabbed your forehead with a cold, wet, washcloth. You let out a small moan at the drastic change in temperature on your head. While your forehead felt really hot, your body was chilled as you started shivering underneath the blanket that was already placed over you.
"A-Arth…ur?" you called out meekly.
"Yes? What is it?"
"C-can you…please, bring…another blanket?" you breathed out.
Arthur nodded his head, "Of course. I'll be right back."
He stood up and walked away only to come back a couple minutes later with two more blankets. One by one they were gently laid upon you as some warmth started to flood around you.
"It's a lucky thing you called me. Otherwise this could have become very serious," said Arthur.
You did your best to look at him and be able to focus on him. But everything was just too blurry, so you settled with closing your eyes and just listening to him.
"How did you…get in?" you carefully asked.
Arthur dipped the washcloth into the water bucket next to him and wrung it out before he replied, "Simple, I just used your spare key you keep under the flower pot on your front porch."
You snuggled the blankets closer to you trying to warm your body even more as you tried once more to look at Arthur. You could see his face was much closer this time as he gently placed the cloth onto your forehead.
"Thank you," you whispered, "For taking care of me."
Although you couldn't see well, you could tell Arthur's skin color had become a brighter red.
"It…it was nothing! I just, couldn't leave you in this state. Someone has to look out for you, especially since your home alone."
You smiled as he continued making up excuses for why he wasn't doing this because he wanted to. It made you happy that even when there was something important going on, Arthur would always remain the same. As Arthur prattled away some more, you reached out a hand and grabbed onto his shirt succeeding in getting his attention. He looked at you with a great blush and a curious expression.
"Will you stay with me tonight?" you asked.
Arthur's face softened at your request. He brushed back some of your hair behind your ear and gave a smile.
You smiled back and curled up on the couch falling into a quick slumber. Arthur watched you a moment before sitting in front of the couch on the floor and took hold of your hand that was still grabbing onto his shirt.
"I will stay here as long as you need me. You won't have to go through this alone, because….

……I love you, ______."
I'M SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG TO POST!!!!!!! :iconimsorryplz:
With school happening, writing this stories has been so hard to type up T_T Since I'm on break right now, I made it my goal to finish this one and possibly start on the next part to this little project~
So....Here is England's. He was the second one with a total of 8 votes! I hope all you England fans really like this. I did my best and tried to keep him from being OOC. Not sure how well I did, but hopefully it's satisfactory. And just like last time, I can't tell you who the next one is~ You'll have to wait and be surprised~~!

Please comment and tell me what you think! Plus more feedback will probably help in the next one coming out faster ;)

England/Arthur Kirkland (c) Hidekazu Himaruya
You belong to :iconsexyenglandplz:
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